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LAMONT Independent Social Work Practice specialise in working with many people including; Adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; Adults with Learning Disabilities; Adults with Physical Disabilities and Older People.

You don’t have to rely on local authorities to assess your needs and source your care options. For a fee,

we will take care of everything for you, taking the burden away from you and your family. Our aim is to make the process of finding care structured, and as stress free as possible. 

Our Services (attained separately or in packages) it’s up to you.  

1. Care Needs Assessment. 

This is your chance to explain what difficulties you may be having to a professional, someone that is trained, qualified and is sympathetic to your needs.

2. Support Plan. 

This outlines the level of care needed to support your needs and is used to source the best care provider in your area. It will also include advice related to free services available in your local community.

3. Sourcing Care. 

We will contact agencies until we find the right package to meet your needs. Once a care provider has been chosen (by you) they will follow the support plan to make sure the right support is being provided by their key workers, therefore minimising miscommunication. 

4. Mental Capacity Assessment. 

Our assessments are undertaken by qualified Independent Social Workers in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Urgent Capacity Assessment available on request.

5. Life Coaching.

This involves working together to identify your desired goals, formulate solutions, recognise your potential and strengths. This in turn may lead to a reduction in the need for future support.

6. Advice and Guidance Service.  

​If you are over the financial threshold of £23,250 per year this means that you are required to pay the full cost of your care needs. This is known as Self-Funding. 



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Have you noticed a decline in your own or a family member’s physical or mental well-being? Are you/ they struggling with day-to-day tasks such as mobility, 

hygiene or nutrition? 

A Care Needs Assessment gives you the opportunity to explain what you maybe struggling with and what support you may need.

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The Support Plan will be tailored to your individual needs, and show what care and support you will require to meet those needs

You will be fully involved in the supporting planning process to ensure that your views and preferences are shared.

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With numerous care providers available, it can often be overwhelming & time-consuming searching for the right support.  

We will contact Care & Support agencies until we find you the right package to meet your needs.

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This involves working together to identify your desired goals, recognise your potential, your strengths and to formulate solutions.  

This in turn may lead to a reduction in the need for future support.

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All of our Mental Capacity Assessments are undertaken by a qualified social worker in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act 2005

Urgent Capacity Assessment available on request

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